5 Reasons To Join us for Zumba in Hampton Roads

Zumba instructor Virginia in Newport News

Join us for our wonderful Zumba classes in Newport News with our instructor, Virginia from ArtInspired!

Zumba has become a well-known dance fitness style and is offered in gyms around the country, in interactive games for your favorite video game system, and in instructional videos for your living room. With Zumba so widespread, why should you take a Zumba class at Peninsula Family Skating Center? Here are 5 reasons why you should head to our skating rink in Newport News for your next Zumba class:

1. Our Zumba instructor is certified.

Did you know that Zumba instructors can be certified teachers or not? Virginia, our Zumba instructor from ArtInspired, is a certified instructor, which means that you’re getting a quality class from an instructor who has been trained in Zumba fitness and how to help you safely practice this fun exercise technique while also getting the most out of each class.

2. Our class is held in a comfortable environment.

Rather than being in an uninspiring, stark white room or in front of a wall of mirrors, you’ll enjoy working out in our skating rink! Don’t worry, you don’t have to wear skates; you simply get to enjoy a space that isn’t harshly lit and that’s as fun and creative as the moves you’ll show off in class!

3. Our classes are extremely affordable.

Gym fees and class fees add up quickly if you’re taking Zumba at another location, but at Peninsula Family Skate Center, classes are just $5 per person per session. We also have punch cards available for you to save even more when you purchase multiple classes at once!

4. We have flexible class  times.

At Peninsula Family Skating Center, you don’t have to worry about trying to take an early bunch break to rush to the gym to fit in your Zumba class. We offer Zumba every Wednesday night from 6 PM – 7 PM and again on alternating Mondays from 6 PM – 7 PM to give you time options. If you want to try our other classes we are also offering Bollywood throughout the month of July. Get our full fitness class schedule on our Wellness on Main Street page.

5. You can bring your friends and family.

Gyms often charge a hefty guest visitor pass for when a friend wants attend a class with you but doesn’t have a membership, and most facilities don’t offer child care. At PFSC, there’s no membership, so everyone gets to enjoy classes at our low cost $5 entrance fee. While we don’t offer child care, kids are welcome to join in to the class itself or hang out in our Snack Bar playing games or spending time with friends.


What are you waiting for? Join us tonight, Monday July 15 for Zumba, or catch out Wednesday class this week! We can’t wait to see you.

Photo courtesy of ArtInspired.

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