Plan Your Spring Parties at Peninsula!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and soon another year of school will draw to a close. Kids are looking for a way to have fun and keep in touch with friends without worrying about the humidity of summer in Newport News. Roller-skating lets kids stay active and healthy while enjoying a day of play at our wholesome family skating center. Plan your family reunions, end of school parties, and spring birthday bashes at Newport News’ best place to have a party!

Easter Skating

Do you have a full house for this year’s Easter egg hunt? Keep your visiting relatives entertained and your kids having fun at our weekend roller-skating sessions. They’ll have a blast at our Friday BoGo Skate, Saturday morning’s Kids on Wheels, our Saturday Matinee Skate, and Saturday night’s Blackout Skate. We’re closed Easter Sunday to spend time with our families; we hope you get a chance to do the same!

End of School Parties

Ready to celebrate? In less than two months, it will officially be summer vacation in Newport News! Make the most of your last few weeks of school by throwing an End of the Year party for your classmates. Peninsula Family Skating Center happily welcomes school groups and private parties. All you need to bring is a busload of kids and a backpack full of enthusiasm!

Spring Birthdays

birthday party venue in newport newsWant to throw a phenomenal birthday party without worrying about April’s unpredictable showers? Birthday parties at Peninsula Family Skating Center are full of energy and excitement. Choose from our Basic Party Package, our Deluxe Birthday Package, or our Ultimate Birthday Package. Each party includes 10-15 kids, pizza and drinks, and private use of the party room.

Looking for a Newport News party venue? Look no further! Call Peninsula Family Skating Center or book your roller-skating party online today.

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Summer Skate, Heading Your Way!

summer roller-skatingSpring break is officially underway, and you know what that means: summer isn’t far behind! All summer long we’re making the most of your favorite skating sessions. But it doesn’t stop with family entertainment and weekly Zumba! Call Peninsula Family Skating Center and book the rink for your summer camps, daycares, community groups, and summer school students. We offer exclusive group rates all summer long!

Family Time at PFSkate

Summer should be a season of rest and relaxation, but it rarely winds up that way. Summer vacations are overflowing with sports, sleepovers, and planning for weeks at camp. Bring the family together with our weekly skating sessions. Enjoy matinee and night skating during summer break. It’s a great way to reconnect with your kids and motivate family quality time in the busy summer months.

Summer Group Skating

Skating is fun, inexpensive, and excellent exercise! If you’re looking for a way to keep Newport News kids active during the sweltering summer months, it’s time to take them roller-skating. We have special group rates for Newport News community groups, church groups, daycares, and summer camps. Experience the wholesome atmosphere, family-friendly entertainment, and healthy concession options at Newport News’ favorite skating center.

Kids Skate Free

There’s no better time to take advantage of PFSkate savings than over the summer. Peninsula Family Skating Center is a proud partner of the Kids Skate Free program, which allows under 12 to roller-skate for free! Our free kids skating sessions run Tuesdays from 7-9:30pm, Thursdays from 7:30-10pm, Saturdays from 11am-1pm, and Sundays from 2-4:30pm. Let your kids cool off with a day of indoor play! It doesn’t matter how many children you bring; they all get free admission. So take your neighbors kids off their hands for the day, or let your kids’ school friends tag along. You’ll have a fun, inexpensive experience with your kids, and your neighbors just may repay the favor for your next errand day.

Summer sessions are filling up fast. Call Peninsula Family Skating Center to book your summer skating events.

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No School? Let’s Skate!

After 3 months of diligent studying and regular homework, kids in Newport News have earned a week of play. Spring break is less than a week away! Take advantage of our April skating coupon, our awesome Friday Sessions, and our school’s out skating matinees. Celebrate the holiday from homework with your friends, family, and classmates at Peninsula Family Skating Center’s Spring Break Matinee Skating Sessions.

Spring Break Matinee

Kid Celebrating Spring BreakAre you ready to rock? Our Spring Break Skating has all your favorite music, snacks, and roller-skating games. From Monday, April 7th to Friday, April 11th, PFSkate is hosting exclusive spring break skating sessions for kids of all ages! Teach your tots to roller-skate, skate away school stress with your friends, or relive your high school years with old school friends. For only $5, you’ll get access to our beginner rink and roller-skating floor from 10am-2pm. Just can’t get enough? Live it up with Tuesday Family Fun Night, Thursday night Cheap Skate, and Friday’s TGIF Jam session. We have classic and healthy snack options, glow jewelry and novelties to dazzle your friends, and an upbeat, family-fun atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else.

April Skating Calendar

Here at Peninsula, we believe in fun all year long. That’s why we’re offering exclusive skating deals this April. Join us for our special Friday sessions, dance your way to fitness fun at Virginia’s weekly Zumba classes, and take advantage of our April online skating coupon. Present the coupon before April 30th and get a free skate rental for every paid rental. Bring a friend and split the savings or skate with your siblings for a bargain.

It’s time to put a smile on little skater’s faces! Call Peninsula Family Skating Center for more information on our April promotions.

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It’s My Party, I Can Dance If I Want To!

zumba toning finessEvery year it seems like moms’ birthdays become less of a priority. Cooking healthy meals, planning play dates for the kids, and running errands around Hampton takes precedence over having fun. It’s time to take back your ‘me time’ and celebrate the blessings that make your life great. Stop worrying about how healthy you can make your birthday cake and plan a Zumba fitness birthday party at Peninsula Family Skating Center!

Zumba Birthday Party

Hampton Roads Zumba birthday parties have it all: exclusive access to the building for 2 hours, roller-skating for any of the guests, and a private lesson with our certified Zumba dance instructor, Virginia. Bring your friends, your Zumba and Zumba Toning dance comrades, or your kids and their friends. Then enjoy an exclusive Zumba fitness, Zumba Toning, or Bollywood dance routine for your birthday! Not only is Zumba a fun, healthy way to celebrate your special day, exercise is a great stress reliever and an even better way to stop worrying about how many calories are in your birthday cake. Let loose and move your caboose at your own fabulous fitness event!

An Unforgettable Private Party

Virginia, our dance fitness instructor, is full of pep, energy, and patience, making her the perfect gal to motive you and your friends during your private Zumba session. Choose healthy snacks from our concession stand or treat yourself with your favorite pizza. Ask each guest to bring their best dance moves for a friendly competition or see who masters Virginia’s routines the fastest. Want to really treat yourself? Lace your sneakers with sparkly roller-skating laces and grab a sequins bow from the Fun Shop. It’s your party: you can look fly if you want to!

Our private parties fill-up fast, so make sure and book your Zumba birthday party 2 weeks in advance. Call Peninsula Family Skating Center for more details.

Designer Skates at a Discount

If you’re a regular skater at Peninsula Family Skating Center, chances are you’re sick of renting skates. Our rental shop keeps our quad and inlines skates clean, oiled, and ready to roll, but there’s nothing quite like owning your own pair. By purchasing roller-skates, you get a custom boot that molds to your foot, giving you comfort, control, and colors as unique as you are.

Skate Shop

clog quad skatesAt our in-store skate shop, you can scope out an unbeatable selection of roller-skates and skating gear in our catalogues. We sell skates, wheels, toe guards, laces, and other skating accessories any way you want them. Choose sparkles, neon, classic white, or personalized decals for your boot and wheels. Our equipment comes from only the most trusted skating manufacturers, including Riedell, Vanilla, Sure-Grip, and Chicago. Once you buy your skates, roll by the rental counter to show off your sweet new style.

March Roller-Skate Discount

Roller-skates are an investment, and PFSkate is doing our best to take the load off your wallet. Print off our online coupon and save 10% on any roller-skates purchased in March! Buy yourself the quad skates you’ve always wanted, tuck a pair of inline skates into your kids’ Easter basket, or get a great birthday present at a bargain. With our March discount and the money you’ll save on weekly skate rentals, your new roller-skates will pay for themselves in no time!

Fun Shop

With a stop at the Fun Shop, you can show off your skating style while you wait for your custom roller-skates to arrive. Light up the skating floor with glow jewelry, colorful flashing sunglasses, and sequins accessories. Want to share the spotlight? We’ve got light-up pacifiers for the toddlers in your life. Munch on colorful candy like Fun-Dip or Pixy Stix while you flip through our catalogue for a pair of personalized roller-skates.

Ready to roll? Buy your skates at Peninsula Family Skating Center.

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Put Your Party Hats On!

As spring edges closer, cabin fever cases are on the rise. Staying active is important to kids’ physical and mental health, but finding ways to have fun in the temperamental March weather of Newport News can be tricky. If you’re looking for an engaging indoor activity for a group of rambunctious kids, book a Hampton Roads roller-skating birthday party.

Roller-Skating Parties

For three years in a row, Daily Press has chosen Peninsula Family Skating Center as the best place in Newport News to have a birthday party. It’s no mystery why. Roller-skating engages the kids minds and bodies, working off winter stress. Our birthday parties have all the classic food and festivities you’d expect, along with a sense of adventure and accomplishment kids will look back on for years. Your kids will love the chance to conquer our roller-skating floor.

Birthday Party Packages

Birthday Party BalloonsAll our roller-skating birthday parties include admission and skate rental, invitations and paper products, pizza and soft drinks, and unlimited use of the party room during the birthday party session. Upgrade the Basic Birthday Package to the Deluxe Birthday Package or the Ultimate Birthday Package for additional guests, goody bags, and more. Want a complimentary Zumba dance fitness session? Call us when you book your private birthday party to plan a Zumba lesson with our certified fitness instructor!

Book in Advance

Our party slots are a hot commodity in Newport News, so make sure you book your birthday party several weeks in advance. Peninsula Family Skating Center has private party availability Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and party room availability throughout the week. Call our skating center and schedule your party today!

Pencil In Peninsula

roller-skating neon pensIf you’re a long-time lover of Newport News roller-skating, you probably have the schedule at PFSkate memorized. We love seeing familiar faces blur around our skating floor and crowd around the concession stand each night. But we wouldn’t be the best family-fun center in town if we didn’t love seeing new faces, too! If you haven’t checked out Peninsula Family Skating Center yet, here are 7 days, 4 weeks, and 12 months of reasons to stop by and skate awhile.

Weekly Roundup

What’s a typical week look like at PFSkate? A whole lotta fun! Every week we have Tuesday Family Fun Night, Thursday Cheap Skate, and private parties Mondays and Wednesdays. Kick off the weekend with a fresh Friday event each week. Saturday we have Kids on Wheels, Matinee Skating, and our Blackout Skate. Stop by Sunday after church for our Matinee Skate, and choose between Sunday Night Skate (the first two Sundays of the month) and Old School Skate (the last two Sundays of the month). Better yet, pick both!

Monthly Specials and Discounts

Each month we offer exclusive online roller-skating discounts. Starting next week, print off the online coupon to get 10% off any pair of roller skates. Good anytime? Our military and shipyard employee discounts. Any active or retired US defenders and Huntington Ingalls employees with a valid ID will receive $1.50 off regular admission any day of the year. Families included!

Wellness on Main Street

Roller-skating isn’t the only fitness at your Hampton Roads skating center. Join us for Zumba dance fitness with our certified instructor, Virginia. Each session is a blood-pumping, energetic dance party for college students, moms, and any kids who want to tag along. Try Zumba with Virginia Mondays from 6-7pm and switch it up the last Friday of the month with Bollywood dance fitness. Looking for a bit of cross training? Our Tuesday Zumba Toning class is for you! Hampton Roads Zumba dance classes aren’t just the most fun fitness routine you’ll ever experience; they’re also an awesome event for your social calendar.

Stop by and experience the fun for yourself!

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Resolution Reboot!

spring fitness rebootAre you ready for a resolution reboot? With March on the way, January 1st feels far away. You may not feel like hitting the gym or jogging around Hampton Roads anymore (and some of us never did!). But spring is in the air, giving folks around Newport News the motivation to take control of their fitness. What better way to boost your energy and reboot your resolution than by taking advantage of the fun fitness at Peninsula Family Skating Center?

Zumba Dance Fitness

Our certified Zumba fitness instructor, Virginia, knows how to have fun. Her upbeat positivity and killer dance moves will have you smiling as you sweat it out to pop dance music. Not only is Zumba great cardiovascular exercise, it helps you get healthy! An hour of Zumba pop cardio fitness burns around 500 calories.  Looking for a bit of a challenge? Zumba Toning incorporates weight training into your dance exercise routine. Virginia will never push you beyond your personal limit, but with a few simple moves, your muscles will be shouting “you worked hard!” tomorrow! Reclaim control of your health resolutions at our weekly Zumba and Zumba Toning classes.

Roller-Skating Fitness

It’s hard to believe that an activity you’d do for fun is also great fitness. Roller-skating is a low impact aerobic workout that targets a range of muscles in your legs and torso. And nothing is easier than setting your own skating pace. Just an hour of moderate roller-skating burns around 350 calories. Ready to push your limits? A hard skating workout can burn up to 600 calories in an hour!


Looking for a healthy snack to energize you for your Zumba fitness dance routine? We’ve heard the health-food rallying cry and answered the call by adding nutritious menu options to our concession stand. Get your day started right with yogurt or boost your roller-skating energy by munching apple slices. We’re making healthy snacks the easy choice.

Brush Up on Your Skating Basics

Even when the other skaters observe roller-skating etiquette, learning to skate can be a challenge. Coordinating balance, speed, and direction takes willpower and brainpower. Once your legs develop muscle memory, skating becomes second nature, but until then learning to roller-skate takes patience and perseverance.

That’s why Peninsula Family Skating Center built a separate beginner’s rink for skaters who are unsteady on their wheels. Whether you’re teaching your toddler to skate, gaining control of your roll, or brushing up after years without visiting the roller-skating rink, there’s no better place to learn balance and control. Steady your skates on our beginner’s floor before joining the practiced skaters on our main floor. The beginner’s rink has full sight lines on the main skating floor, so parents can teach small children to skate without losing sight of their older roller-skaters.

Learn the Skating Basics

Here are 5 tips for learning to roller-skate:

  • roll with motionWear comfortable clothing and stock up on safety gear like pads and helmets
  • Practice falling safely before you’re wearing wheels
  • Stick to the wall when you venture onto the public skating floor
  • Go at your own pace, even if you’re skating with a buddy
  • Have fun!

Fuel Up

Food gives you the energy to keep trying, increasing physical and mental abilities. Fuel up with pizza, hamburgers or hotdogs, French fries, and a good old fashioned Coca-Cola. If you’re teaching your kids healthy eating habits, you can energize your beginner skater with our new selection of healthy concession snacks.

Don’t Give Up

As Dory the fish might say, “Just keep skating.” No one’s an Olympic-level speed skater when they learn to skate, but with time, dedication, and a love of your wheels, roller-skating can take you further than you imagined.

Sweetheart Skate

heart chocolateWho’s your sweetheart? Your spouse, your best friend, or your bright-eyed toddler? This Valentine’s Day, Peninsula Family Skating Center is celebrating you and the sweetie who brightens your life. Valentine’s Day is about taking the time to celebrate love in all its forms. So make a date and cherish a friend, family member, or the love of your life: it’s time for Sweetheart Skate!

Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Skate

Baby, it’s cold outside! Kick off the weekend with a night of warm affection and hot skating moves at your favorite Newport News roller-skating center. Friday, February 14th is Sweetheart Skate BoGo in Hampton Roads! Bring your Valentine and get half off your second admission, whether its for your husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, parent, child, or friend. The fun runs from 7:30-10:30pm!

Celebrating Love in Hampton Roads

Our skating center has a long history of celebrating love. Adorkable first dates, heartwarming proposals, and one unforgettable wedding have graced our roller-skating floor. And the romance is just getting started! If you’re ready for a unique, memorable, and carefree Valentine’s Day, there’s no better venue in Newport News than Peninsula Family Skating Center! Show your significant other how significant they are to you. Our Sweetheart Skate includes couples-only skates, personal dedications announced by our DJ, and a hearty dose of the light-hearts, laughter, and love that make your relationship special!

A Holiday of Giving

Want to give your sweetheart something special? Cherish the memories you create at Sweetheart Skate and open the door for new adventures with unlimited monthly skating passes or a Peninsula Family Skating Center gift card. Your sweetie can use their PFSkate cash on admission, rentals, snacks, and fun goodies at our Fun Shop and Skate Shop. Do you have a preteen who’s fallen in love with skating? How about a spouse who’s rekindled a long-term love affair with free-wheelin’? Place your blessing on the union with a pair of brand new, customizable roller-skates! We also offer Zumba gift cards for sweethearts with dance fitness in their soul.

Call Peninsula Family Skating Center for more details on booking a private party, making the most of your first date, or planning a wheeled wedding that will go down in family history!