No, After YOU: Roller-Skating Etiquette

We roller-skate to have fun, cut loose, and socialize with friends and family. But not everyone has the same skill level when it comes to skating. Next time you visit Peninsula Family Skating Center, remember to be considerate of your fellow skaters.

The Rules of the Road

AboutUsPhoto2Just like the highway, PFSkate has unspoken traffic codes to protect the safety of its skaters. Beginner skaters skate more slowly and often use the wall for support; allow slower skaters to skate on the right of the rink, while speedier skaters use the “left lane.” Always move with the flow of traffic. Skating in the opposite direction of your fellow Newport News roller-skaters is asking for an accident. Keep your arms and legs to yourself to prevent becoming a tripping hazard for someone else on the skating floor. If an expert skater wants to try some tricks, he or she will use the center of the rink, away from the flow of traffic.

Check Your Speed

You may have control of your skates, but zipping past a six-year-old without checking your speed will probably cause a pile up. Be considerate of other skaters when setting your speed, and never let your wheels get out of control. If you start moving too fast, slow yourself gradually until you match the speed of the other left lane skaters. Kids who are still learning balance should skate near the walls. Keeping right prevents you from impeding the lane for surer skaters and gives you something to hold onto if you feel you might fall.

Peninsula Family Skating Center welcome skaters of all ages and skill levels. Practice mindfulness with your latest skating moves.

Community Roller-Skating Discounts

Newport News is a close community. We’re blessed to provide a home for dedicated military who defend our shores, hardworking shipyard employees who prepare equipment for our defenders, and school programs invested in helping kids reach their full potential. Peninsula Family Skating Center is proud to give back to the selfless people of Hampton Roads on a daily basis with our Military Discount and Kids Skate Free programs. We hope to provide kids, servicemen and women, and community families with a safe, engaging day of entertainment at our Newport News roller-skating rink.

Military Discount

The men and women of our military risk their lives and liberties to protect ours. That’s why Peninsula Family Skating Center honors them with a discount on admission to our skating center. Active and non-active military members and employees at Huntington Ingalls Industry will receive $1.50 off admission for themselves and their families. Simply bring a valid ID and skate for cheap! We know there’s no better reward than spending a day of play with the people you love. PFSkate hopes to foster an atmosphere of carefree family fun for Hampton’s on-leave and off-duty military.

Kids Skate Free

kids skatingPeninsula Family Skating Center is a long-time partner of the Kids Skate Free program. Roller-skating keeps kids active, helping them stay healthy and engage their minds in learning. Kids Skate Free allows children under 12 to roller-skate for free during accepted hours. PFSkate also partners with Newport News elementary and middle schools, providing a safe, educational venue for science and fitness field trips. Kids can learn about cardiovascular health and engaging muscles in exercise, the laws of motion and gravity, and practical application of scientific principles.

Call Peninsula Family Skating Center to plan your roller-skating day!

Bringing Back the Birthday Glam

It’s no secret that Peninsula Family Skating Center throws the best birthday parties in Newport News. In fact, we’ve been voted the Best Place for a Birthday Party three times running in the Daily Press’s Choice Awards. But no matter how much fun it is to strap on your skates, munch pizza and birthday cake, and celebrate another year, sometimes birthday parties need a little extra pizzazz. If you’re a fan of themed parties, there’s nothing better than a roller-skating decade bash.

Celebrating the 70’s and 80’s

You don’t have to be turning 40 this year to callback to the golden days of disco and funk music. Whether you’re in the prime of life or just getting started, there’s something about big hair and bright, shiny duds that gets your feet moving. Quad skating reached its peak in the late 70’s and early 80’s, making these psychedelic decades the perfect party theme. Crank up the disco tunes and get ready to roll.

The 90’s Way of Life

fashion trends - scrunchiesAh, boy bands, scrunchies, and the ever-popular Rollerblades vs inline skates debate (it put the Kleenex/tissues argument to shame). Quad skates fell out of favor in the 1990’s as inlines took the world by storm. Celebrities, aerobics buffs, and professional ‘bladers made inline skating an art form, but it was the populace that made it fun. Crimp your hair, find a neon tracksuit, and crank up the Backstreet Boys for a skating party your friends will never forget.

Millennium Skaters

If your kid is hitting high school age (or you’re just crazy about sparkles) it’s the perfect time to celebrate the turn of the millennium. While your toddler was taking her first steps, the world outside your (Y2K protected) door overflowed with futuristic styles and pop music. Metallics, glitter, and rich colors ruled the scene as boy bands gave way to the solo artist. Party with the best 2000’s tunes as you celebrate the decade that gave your child life. Because you can never have too much glitter at a birthday party.

Plan your Hampton Roads birthday party at Peninsula Family Skating Center and choose from our basic, deluxe, ultimate, or private party options.

All About Peninsula

PFSC tee logoPeninsula Family Skating Center sees plenty of familiar faces at our Zumba fitness classes and roller-skating sessions each week, but we’re excited to welcome all the residents of Hampton Roads and Newport News who have found us in 2014. PFSkate has endless opportunities for fun and fitness for the whole family. So what do you need to know about us?


It’s no secret that we love Hampton Roads roller-skating, but why? Roller-skating is a classic, family-oriented way to play that’s both wholesome and brimming with adventure. Skating teaches coordination, boosts your mood, and helps you burn between 300 and 600 calories and hour! Join us for skating lessons, private parties, weekly skating sessions, and unforgettable holiday events. We are proud to offer members of the military, shipyard employees, and their immediate families $1.50 off regular admission at any roller-skating session. Just bring your ID!

Wellness on Main Street

Our certified fitness instructor, Virginia, is all about 3 things: fun, friends, and fitness. With her can-do attitude and easy teaching style, her classes are perfect for Zumba dance beginners and fitness experts alike. Join us Mondays from 6-7pm for Zumba dance fitnesss classes, Wednesdays from 6-7pm for Zumba toning, and the last Friday of every month for an exclusive Bollywood dance session! Sessions are only $5 per class. Achieving your New Year’s resolution to get fit is as easy as that!

Birthday Parties

There’s no party like a Peninsula party! Our Hampton Roads birthday parties have won the Daily Press Choice Award for Best Place for a Birthday Party three years running! Basic birthday packages include admission and rentals, food and drinks, invitations, exclusive use of the party room, and a day of roller-skating fun your kids will never forget! Upgrade for additional amenities or rent Peninsula Family Fun Center for a private party. Private party events include a free Zumba fitness session.

Want to learn more about Peninsula Family Skating Center? Check our blog each week for new stories, events, and fun facts about the wonderful world of roller-skating.

Ready to Roll?

roller derby

Have you heard the news? Peninsula Family Skating Center is getting a roller derby team! Thanks to Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page strapping on their skates and conquering their local skating rink in the 2009 movie Whip It, most people know that roller derby is a physically challenging sport that teaches both strength and agility. But where did this sport come from, and why is it so popular today?

The History of Roller Derby

As the name “derby” might imply, roller derby competitions began as simple races. One of the first officially recognized sports to accept co-eds, these roller-skating races tested speed, endurance, and agility on a variety of skating tracks. Roller derby became an official team sport by 1939. A roller-derby revival swept the world in the early 2000’s, leading to over 1,200 amateur leagues in over 15 countries. Most modern derby leagues have strictly female teams whose day jobs vary from high school students to lawyers to stay-at-home moms. Roller derby has become so popular that it was in the running to become an Olympic Sport in the 2020 Games.

Roller Derby Basics

Roller derby competitions feature two teams of five players each. Both teams skate counterclockwise around a track for short plays called “jams.” Each team has a jammer and four blockers. The jammer scores points by lapping the jammer on the opposing team, while the blockers perform defensive and offensive maneuvers to assist their jammer. Each competition is comprised of two 30-minute sessions, with individual jams lasting up to two minutes each. Roller derby is a contact sport that teaches speed, agility, and teamwork.

If you’re interested in learning more about our roller derby team, call Peninsula Family Skating Center or the team coordinator, Stevie. In the months to come, Stevie will host roller derby informational sessions at our facility.

Skating Our Way to 2014!

2014A whole New Year is on the horizon. Here at Peninsula Family Skating Center, we’re ringing in a rocking 2014 with an all night party! Our All Night Skate is Newport News’ safest, most entertaining New Year’s party. We’re celebrating a year of excitement and roller-skating with stellar snacks, ritzy prizes, and your favorite music from 2013! Start off New Year’s Eve with our special 10am-2pm matinee for just $5 and buy an advance ticket to our all night skating extravaganza for $5 off. Kids under 18 are welcome with a permission slip, and skaters of all ages are in for a night of fabulous fun as we remember our favorite moments from 2013. This is one New Year’s kickoff party you won’t want to miss!

Zumba into the New Year

If there’s one thing you can guarantee for the New Year, it’s that gyms will be overflowing with eager exercisers trying to motivate themselves for a year of physical fitness. But most January gym memberships rarely see use beyond the first few weeks of the year. Get your feet moving with a fitness routine that’s not only effective, it’s fun. Our Zumba fitness classes are the perfect way to touch base with other moms, working women, and college students in the community as you dance your way to a better body. Finding an exercise you enjoy doesn’t just make follow-through easier; it also boosts your overall mood, helping you live better in mind, body, and spirit. Classes are only $5, and children under 12 can tag along for just $3! Our teacher, Virginia, is a certified fitness instructor with an upbeat attitude and years of experience. Try our Monday Zumba classes from 6-7pm or our new Zumba Toning on Wednesday evenings. 2014 is all about making ‘fit’ and ‘fun’ one and the same.

For more information on advance tickets for our All Night Skate or for details about our Zumba fitness classes, call Peninsula Family Skating Center.

Merry Christmas, Skaters!

merry christmasAre you ready for a fun, festive, fabulous holiday week? Christmas is upon us, reminding us to renew the spirit of giving, laugh with those we love, and share our blessings with the people around us. As the stores close their doors to last minute holiday shoppers and parents place the finishing touches on presents, take a moment to enjoy the people surrounding you this Christmas. Without them, there would be no joy in the festive music, bright holiday lights, and perfectly wrapped packages under the tree.

The team at Peninsula Family Fun Center is looking forward to spending the holidays with our family and friends. We’re closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to celebrate the season with the people we love. But the whole crew is looking forward to seeing our regular skaters December 26th for a special holiday roller skating session. Thursday and Friday from 10am to 2pm we’ll be wrapping up an awesome year with our favorite pastime: roller-skating! Bring your extended family for a day of adventures and let your kids break-in their new roller-skates. The holiday spirit is in full swing at PFSkate. We can’t wait to see you!

Happy Holidays to all our friends in Hampton Roads and Newport News!

Holiday Events at Peninsula Family Skating Center

2014 is almost here, but there’s still time to squeeze a few weeks of merriment into the 2013 holidays! Peninsula Family Skating Center has exclusive holiday roller-skating, Christmas deals in our Skate Shop, and two holiday parties you’ll be talking about until next Christmas.

Christmas Roller Skating

skating presentsWe may be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but don’t let that get in your way! Peninsula Family Skating Center has a week full of roller skating options for the whole (extended) family. Come to our Monday, Thursday, and Friday skate sessions Christmas week for a few hours of rest and rejuvenation before the bustle of the holidays. Our 10am-2pm holiday skating matinees are only $5 admission! Spend the day sharing holiday magic with your family or drop off the kids for an energy-busting afternoon while you finish your last minute Christmas shopping. Just don’t forget to stop by our Fun Shop & our Skate Shop; zipper bracelets, colorful roller-skate wheels and laces, and light up pacifiers make excellent stocking stuffers for kids aged newborn to teen.

All Night Skate

Want to ring in the New Year with a family-friendly night of energy and excitement? Join us for our Dec 31st matinee and skate back to PFSkate for our All Night Skate! We’re ringing in 2014 with all the pizzazz of a Peninsula party. From 8pm to 6am Newport News’ favorite roller skating center is sharing the year’s hottest music, our favorite memories of 2013, and slick roller-skating moves with the members of our community. Our party also includes:

  • A roller-skate giveaway
  • 1 free monthly pass
  • Admission giveaways
  • Games
  • Music requests
  • A countdown to the New Year
  • A 2014 breakfast of donuts and orange juice

Advance tickets are only $20, so make sure you write us into your calendar. Parents of kids under 18 must fill out a permission slip for our All Night Skate party.

They say how you ring in the New Year sets the tone for the year. Make 2014 extraordinary by wrapping up the 2013 holiday season at Peninsula Family Skating Center.

Holiday Shopping at PFSkate

Christmas is creeping into Newport News, with all the lights, sounds, and experiences of the holiday season. Fun family outings, Secret Santa gift exchanges, and school parties offer plenty of opportunities to celebrate. But don’t let your to-do list sneak up on you. You may not feel the panic of last minute shopping yet, but the calendar days are slipping away. Instead of scrambling for stocking stuffers and presents on Christmas Eve, select a custom pair of roller skates or a sparkly pair of wheels for the people on your list. Then bring your loved ones to Peninsula Family Skating Center and share their joy as they experience their personal roller skates for the first time.

Why Roller Skates?

Roller skates are a present that’s fun and unique, no matter who’s left on your list. Know a quirky kid who needs a new hobby or a family who wants a safe, exciting activity to share? How about an uncle who used to speed skate or a member of our new roller derby team? Roller skates, skating accessories, and PFSkate gift cards allow you to give experiences and memories with the tangible presents unwrapped on Christmas morning. Whether you’re reminding a friend of good times shared or planning new adventures with your kids, skating reminds you what’s important: who’s on the road beside you.

Choosing Your Skates

inline skatesBefore you purchase your presents, determine what kind of skating your gift recipient enjoys. Are they into roller derby, roller-skating tricks, or just cruising around the skating floor? There are subtle differences in the boots and bearings of each type of skate. Once the gurus at PFSkate help you choose the basics, you can customize the laces, wheels, and colors of your new roller skates. Check out protective gear before you go; when participating in roller-skating sports, it’s important to wear pads and helmets.

Custom roller skates take 3-4 business days to arrive, so there’s no time to waste. Peninsula Family Skating Center is here to outfit your friends and family for exercise, excitement, and entertainment. Make certain your loved ones are unwrapping adventures this Christmas.

Enjoying the Holiday Season

santa kidPeninsula Family Skating Center knows how to party. As the winner of the Daily Press Choice Award “Best Place to Have a Birthday Party” three years running, we have tasty snacks, energetic music, and the spirit of festivity down to a science. Whether you’re planning a school function, an office Christmas party, or a December birthday spectacular, no one else does roller-skating, holiday treats, and festive fun better than PFSkate.

Birthday Party

Kids with December birthdays get the short end of the stick. With Thanksgiving barely behind us and Christmas preparation in full swing, the holiday season often overshadows the gifts, cake, and excitement of birthday parties. Rent the party room and make your birthday kid feel exceptional. We have packages including admission, food, goodie bags, and special birthday announcements. You can even rent out the building for a roller-skating or Zumba fitness birthday party! Whether your kid loves the lights, love, and sense of wonder of Christmas, or you’re chose the theme based on their favorite cartoon, Peninsula Family Skating Center will make their birthday magical.

Christmas Party

Our private parties aren’t just for birthdays. Roller-skating is an excellent outlet for stress, a unique way to connect with coworkers, and a festive experience for the whole office. Instead of renting a rundown room or pushing your party into a cluttered office space, bring your employees to Newport News’ favorite party venue. We’ll help you bring holiday cheer into the new year.

School Function

Need a last-minute Christmas party venue, a reward for hardworking students, or a fun field trip for PE? Roller-skating provides kids with excellent exercise, safe fun, and a boost in mental energy. Plan a day of play for your star pupils or consider class-wide excursions for the spring. With our knowledge of the mental and physical benefits of skating, they might even learn something new while they skate.

photo from flickr