Dance It Out With Zumba Toning!

zumba toningIf you’ve attended one of Virginia’s Zumba fitness classes, you know she’s all about high energy and having fun. Members of our community attend Hampton Roads Zumba classes for reasons as diverse as they are: exercise, entertainment, fellowship, and strength training. Virginia has undergone the rigorous training and testing required to teach certified Zumba dance, Bollywood, and Zumba Toning classes. Whether you’re looking for a fun hour out or pushing the limits of your personal fitness, Zumba Toning at Peninsula Family Skating Center will help you believe and achieve.

What Is Zumba Toning?

Zumba Toning combines the cardio blasting beats of Zumba dance with body sculpting strength training. By incorporating lightweight toning sticks into a modified Zumba routine, Virginia helps you improve your muscle tone, increase your endurance, and slim your physique. Zumba fitness focuses on cardiovascular health and mild toning, but Zumba Toning helps you develop strength and stamina while burning more calories than ever. All you need are your 1 to 3 lb toning sticks, your tennis shoes, and your enthusiasm!

Why Switch Up Your Exercise Routine?

Experts agree that exercise is most effective if you alternate your workouts. When you fall into a workout routine, your body learns to compensate for the added strain, making your exercise less effective. Studies show that the body can adapt to a new fitness routine within several weeks. Changing your go-to exercises prevents routines from becoming stale, helping you better engage in your workouts. To maximize your efforts, try different types of exercise. Keep your muscles on their toes by attending our Zumba dance fitness, Zumba Toning, and Bollywood classes. Our adult-only Toning classes are held every Wednesday from 6-7pm.

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