Designer Skates at a Discount

If you’re a regular skater at Peninsula Family Skating Center, chances are you’re sick of renting skates. Our rental shop keeps our quad and inlines skates clean, oiled, and ready to roll, but there’s nothing quite like owning your own pair. By purchasing roller-skates, you get a custom boot that molds to your foot, giving you comfort, control, and colors as unique as you are.

Skate Shop

clog quad skatesAt our in-store skate shop, you can scope out an unbeatable selection of roller-skates and skating gear in our catalogues. We sell skates, wheels, toe guards, laces, and other skating accessories any way you want them. Choose sparkles, neon, classic white, or personalized decals for your boot and wheels. Our equipment comes from only the most trusted skating manufacturers, including Riedell, Vanilla, Sure-Grip, and Chicago. Once you buy your skates, roll by the rental counter to show off your sweet new style.

March Roller-Skate Discount

Roller-skates are an investment, and PFSkate is doing our best to take the load off your wallet. Print off our online coupon and save 10% on any roller-skates purchased in March! Buy yourself the quad skates you’ve always wanted, tuck a pair of inline skates into your kids’ Easter basket, or get a great birthday present at a bargain. With our March discount and the money you’ll save on weekly skate rentals, your new roller-skates will pay for themselves in no time!

Fun Shop

With a stop at the Fun Shop, you can show off your skating style while you wait for your custom roller-skates to arrive. Light up the skating floor with glow jewelry, colorful flashing sunglasses, and sequins accessories. Want to share the spotlight? We’ve got light-up pacifiers for the toddlers in your life. Munch on colorful candy like Fun-Dip or Pixy Stix while you flip through our catalogue for a pair of personalized roller-skates.

Ready to roll? Buy your skates at Peninsula Family Skating Center.

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