Holiday Shopping at PFSkate

Christmas is creeping into Newport News, with all the lights, sounds, and experiences of the holiday season. Fun family outings, Secret Santa gift exchanges, and school parties offer plenty of opportunities to celebrate. But don’t let your to-do list sneak up on you. You may not feel the panic of last minute shopping yet, but the calendar days are slipping away. Instead of scrambling for stocking stuffers and presents on Christmas Eve, select a custom pair of roller skates or a sparkly pair of wheels for the people on your list. Then bring your loved ones to Peninsula Family Skating Center and share their joy as they experience their personal roller skates for the first time.

Why Roller Skates?

Roller skates are a present that’s fun and unique, no matter who’s left on your list. Know a quirky kid who needs a new hobby or a family who wants a safe, exciting activity to share? How about an uncle who used to speed skate or a member of our new roller derby team? Roller skates, skating accessories, and PFSkate gift cards allow you to give experiences and memories with the tangible presents unwrapped on Christmas morning. Whether you’re reminding a friend of good times shared or planning new adventures with your kids, skating reminds you what’s important: who’s on the road beside you.

Choosing Your Skates

inline skatesBefore you purchase your presents, determine what kind of skating your gift recipient enjoys. Are they into roller derby, roller-skating tricks, or just cruising around the skating floor? There are subtle differences in the boots and bearings of each type of skate. Once the gurus at PFSkate help you choose the basics, you can customize the laces, wheels, and colors of your new roller skates. Check out protective gear before you go; when participating in roller-skating sports, it’s important to wear pads and helmets.

Custom roller skates take 3-4 business days to arrive, so there’s no time to waste. Peninsula Family Skating Center is here to outfit your friends and family for exercise, excitement, and entertainment. Make certain your loved ones are unwrapping adventures this Christmas.

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