It’s My Party, I Can Dance If I Want To!

zumba toning finessEvery year it seems like moms’ birthdays become less of a priority. Cooking healthy meals, planning play dates for the kids, and running errands around Hampton takes precedence over having fun. It’s time to take back your ‘me time’ and celebrate the blessings that make your life great. Stop worrying about how healthy you can make your birthday cake and plan a Zumba fitness birthday party at Peninsula Family Skating Center!

Zumba Birthday Party

Hampton Roads Zumba birthday parties have it all: exclusive access to the building for 2 hours, roller-skating for any of the guests, and a private lesson with our certified Zumba dance instructor, Virginia. Bring your friends, your Zumba and Zumba Toning dance comrades, or your kids and their friends. Then enjoy an exclusive Zumba fitness, Zumba Toning, or Bollywood dance routine for your birthday! Not only is Zumba a fun, healthy way to celebrate your special day, exercise is a great stress reliever and an even better way to stop worrying about how many calories are in your birthday cake. Let loose and move your caboose at your own fabulous fitness event!

An Unforgettable Private Party

Virginia, our dance fitness instructor, is full of pep, energy, and patience, making her the perfect gal to motive you and your friends during your private Zumba session. Choose healthy snacks from our concession stand or treat yourself with your favorite pizza. Ask each guest to bring their best dance moves for a friendly competition or see who masters Virginia’s routines the fastest. Want to really treat yourself? Lace your sneakers with sparkly roller-skating laces and grab a sequins bow from the Fun Shop. It’s your party: you can look fly if you want to!

Our private parties fill-up fast, so make sure and book your Zumba birthday party 2 weeks in advance. Call Peninsula Family Skating Center for more details.

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