No, After YOU: Roller-Skating Etiquette

We roller-skate to have fun, cut loose, and socialize with friends and family. But not everyone has the same skill level when it comes to skating. Next time you visit Peninsula Family Skating Center, remember to be considerate of your fellow skaters.

The Rules of the Road

AboutUsPhoto2Just like the highway, PFSkate has unspoken traffic codes to protect the safety of its skaters. Beginner skaters skate more slowly and often use the wall for support; allow slower skaters to skate on the right of the rink, while speedier skaters use the “left lane.” Always move with the flow of traffic. Skating in the opposite direction of your fellow Newport News roller-skaters is asking for an accident. Keep your arms and legs to yourself to prevent becoming a tripping hazard for someone else on the skating floor. If an expert skater wants to try some tricks, he or she will use the center of the rink, away from the flow of traffic.

Check Your Speed

You may have control of your skates, but zipping past a six-year-old without checking your speed will probably cause a pile up. Be considerate of other skaters when setting your speed, and never let your wheels get out of control. If you start moving too fast, slow yourself gradually until you match the speed of the other left lane skaters. Kids who are still learning balance should skate near the walls. Keeping right prevents you from impeding the lane for surer skaters and gives you something to hold onto if you feel you might fall.

Peninsula Family Skating Center welcome skaters of all ages and skill levels. Practice mindfulness with your latest skating moves.

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