Resolution Reboot!

spring fitness rebootAre you ready for a resolution reboot? With March on the way, January 1st feels far away. You may not feel like hitting the gym or jogging around Hampton Roads anymore (and some of us never did!). But spring is in the air, giving folks around Newport News the motivation to take control of their fitness. What better way to boost your energy and reboot your resolution than by taking advantage of the fun fitness at Peninsula Family Skating Center?

Zumba Dance Fitness

Our certified Zumba fitness instructor, Virginia, knows how to have fun. Her upbeat positivity and killer dance moves will have you smiling as you sweat it out to pop dance music. Not only is Zumba great cardiovascular exercise, it helps you get healthy! An hour of Zumba pop cardio fitness burns around 500 calories.  Looking for a bit of a challenge? Zumba Toning incorporates weight training into your dance exercise routine. Virginia will never push you beyond your personal limit, but with a few simple moves, your muscles will be shouting “you worked hard!” tomorrow! Reclaim control of your health resolutions at our weekly Zumba and Zumba Toning classes.

Roller-Skating Fitness

It’s hard to believe that an activity you’d do for fun is also great fitness. Roller-skating is a low impact aerobic workout that targets a range of muscles in your legs and torso. And nothing is easier than setting your own skating pace. Just an hour of moderate roller-skating burns around 350 calories. Ready to push your limits? A hard skating workout can burn up to 600 calories in an hour!


Looking for a healthy snack to energize you for your Zumba fitness dance routine? We’ve heard the health-food rallying cry and answered the call by adding nutritious menu options to our concession stand. Get your day started right with yogurt or boost your roller-skating energy by munching apple slices. We’re making healthy snacks the easy choice.

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